How do I know the size of the product is appropriate?

There is a size chart on this page, which makes it easy for you to decide, whether the size is good or not. Carefully check your dimensions before ordering the product, to avoid any inconvenience. In case you have further questions, please contact us via email or phone.

If the size is not good, how can I replace the product?

To replace the product contact us by email or phone. To be able to exchange your product, it’s important that you enter your order identifier, and which product and size you want to replace. You are responsible for returning the product to the specified address. Unfortunately, in such cases, the shipping fee will be re-invoiced. After that we can send the new size.

How much is the shipping?

The delivery cost is 990 HUF.

What payment methods are available?

Currently, the site supports the cash payment option, in such cases, you have to give the specified amount to the courier. Bank transfer, when transferring the total amount to a given bank account number, is also possible. In addition, the site supports PayPal. In the near future, Borgun’s online payment potential will be integrated, with which you can easily pay with your credit card.

Do you have any bricks and mortar? Can I try some clothes somewhere?

We do not have a shop yet, you can buy our clothes online only. There is no showroom where you can try to pick the pieces you want, but with the size chart on the site, you can easily choose the right size for you.

What should I do if I have changed my order?

If your package has not been delivered by courier service, you have the option to modify the package. In this case, please contact us at +36 70 7010776 or send an e-mail to info@dalev.hu.

I’m an Influencer, I’m looking for a sponsor, would you support me?

We are open for all inquiries. Contact us so we can talk personally.