Our story

Let’s take the name DALEV first. Does it sound familiar or have you seen it somewhere? Once you know our names, it will make a lot more sense. Daniel and Levente, the founding brothers. That’s where this combination of letters came from. The headquarters is located in the heart of Europe,to be exact in Hungary, which is developing rapidly in the fashion industry. There are new discoveries to be made every day so keep your eyes and mind open.

We have never liked it when people wear the same clothes. Nothing is worse than seeing the identical piece of garment on another person in the street or at work.
The reason could be the way we grew up. Despite the fact of being twins we hardly had similar wardrobe so the inspiration to create something dissimilar had been born earlier than we realised. Although, that our style wasn’t the same, we strongly agreed, that clothes we wear should be comfortable and unique by its own way. The mode of how we used to dress was the style how we expressed our personality.


Levente & Daniel

The company was founded in 2017. I’m not saying that we’d like to be flashy but we would definetely want to stand out from the crowd with a unique look but at the same time it is supposed to be a simple and clear outfit. 
The lighthouse represents us, as the navigators, showing the way for the sailors. We give light with our unique and carefully designed clothes and we stand steadily even in the dark times. 
The other reason of our choice is that we have close connection with water, we stand up for safe environment, clean water and for a better sea life.
The marine motifs are bonus, since the water has always been close to our heart so this line will have priority all the time. Beside the clean and simple lane. The combination of these two will give you the DALEV brand.

We are a start up brand for men. However, as our capacity grows we will consider opening the women’s market. If you are an ambitious lady who would be interested in such type of cooperation, don’t be shy to contact us. In the future to keep our uniqueness we will produce limited designs. But this fact won’t stop the company growth as we will stay mindful of the above mentioned aims.